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Get Viral Social is a leading economic consulting firm devoted to the agriculture and agribusiness sector. We cover the major agricultural commodities and their derivatives. Our office, associates and contacts around the world enable us to offer a global reach. As a result, Get Viral Social can uniquely provide commodity-specific data and specialist analysis and insight as well as broader macro views of agriculture.

Palm fruit oil is consumed worldwide in more than 100 countries. In some parts of the world, palm fruit oil is often still consumed in its unrefined state, as an ingredient of traditional dishes, where it contributes its characteristic golden red color and unique flavour. However, to most users, palm oil is more familiar as a refined vegetable oil product purchased at their local store and incorporated into their everyday foods.

Implementation of consultancy development work include, but not limited to:

1. Land Acquisition
2. Area Clearing & Preservation
3. Nursery Management
4. Crop Planting
5. Immature Plant Care
6. Generating Plant Care
7. Crop Pest Control
8. Control of Plant Diseases
9. Harvest Management
10. Erosion Control
11. Fertilizer Alternatives
12. Costs Control
13. Best Management Practices and Long Term Sustainability

Techniques and methods implemented include:

1. Identification Physical Environment
2. Transportation and Communications
3. Land Ownership Research
4. Analysis of Climate and Geology Conditions
5. Topography, Vegetation, Land / Soil, and Water Availability
6. Socio-Economic Analysis (Public Administration)
7. Availability of Manpower, local culture and customs
8. Land Suitability Analysis
9. Feasibility Studies

Our Goals

Our goal is to reach 100% sustainable palm oil used for food in Europe in 2020. We believe we can reach this goal when we share the stories about the positive impact sustainable palm oil has on the ground. We call on all companies and organisations to join us and share their stories. Our mission is to assist you in making sound decisions, support you with our knowledge and expertise, and advise you on the right processes and products for your plantation.

We also offer additional services listed below:

  • Due diligence assessing the viability of a new project or the acquisition of an asset
  • Macro trends in the global ag markets and the implications for ag investment
  • Sizing the market and growth potential for a product
  • Mapping a product market and the potential for new and emerging markets
  • Forecasting prices to support risk management and strategic decision-making
  • Performance benchmarking – technical and costs
  • Evaluating the implications of policy reform on a sector and a client’s business
  • Acting as an expert witness to support a legal case.