Plantation Services


  • Soil Sampling and Suitability Surveys of Project sites.
  • Plantation Development Planning.
  • Plantation Feasibility Study and Financial Analysis.
  • Preparation of Project Bankable Documents.


  • Extraction of Timber from Project Site.
  • Jungle Clearing, Terracing and Levelling, and Planting.
  • Sourcing and Ensuring the Purchasing of Quality Planting Materials, Fertilizers, Herbicides and Insecticides.
  • Planning, Designing and Establishment of Pre- and Main Nursery.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep of Immature and Mature Oil Palm.
  • Formulation of Agriculture Policy catered to the needs of the Client.


Objective and Target Plans layout in the plantation and the divided sections, the year of planting, plant materials, blocks, nurseries, road network, drainage, location of factories, offices, housing, public facilities and social facilities are described in the master map (plotting design). Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide the direction of development in accordance with the principles of agronomy and minimize the development budget in the plantation that has been outlined in feasibility study.


  • Overall Plantation Management and Administration Services.
  • Plantation Advisory Services.
  • Agronomic Services – Fertilizer Recommendation and Plant Nutrition Management Programme.
  • Pest and Disease Control and Management.
  • Marketing Services for Plantation and Farm Products.
  • Bench marking and Agricultural Audits.


Objective and Target Auditing Implementation of the work that has been, or is being, or will take place will be performed on the basis of a thorough evaluation of the system and subsystems being implemented in accordance with best management industry standards. If the existing operating procedures are insufficient, irregularities or omissions intentionally or natural constraints that occur, an audit is necessary in order to understand root cause of the problem and fix the issues at hand.
Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide comprehensive audits of palm oil plantations in accordance with the rules of agronomy and and streamline processes that has been outlined.

Scope Of Work

  • Identification of Problems or Ineffciencies
  • Investigation of Internal Corruption / Mismanagement
  • Quantification of Losses
  • Proposed Solutions


• Agriculture Plantation Tourism
• Data Presentation
• Budget Data Calls
• Plantation Operation
• Recruitment of Plantation Staff
• Market Research
• Market Investigation
• Palm Oil Directories
• Palm Oil Studies